Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi Fashion Divas! I have finally had enough time to come up with outfits that dont have me feeling drab and frumpy....AND IM PROUD TO SAY I AM DEDICATING THIS WEEK STRICTLY TO BLOGGIN'! Well at least some of the week LOL......Sorry school will be out very soon for me...So have you guys been bloggin...Throw some ideas myway I can really get feedback on how to work this cryptic website...{exhale}...Im leaving some new pics let me know what you think!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Post ME

So this is my VERY FIRST time blogging a little frustration is evident on my face its like realizing what you want to do but dont know how to start. I know I am probably one of 1,404,3294,3429842....bloggers who blog about FASHION but I cant help it I am one of those people! LOL Oh how I L.OV.E to engross myself in magazines, thrift stores, retail stores, garage sales, and anything else that revolves around clothes!..I have have been looking at blogs like Young, Fat, & Fabulous, Karla's Closet, and Style Rookie which I find are alll unbelievably amazing!! Bare with me, in time these post will get much better but remember its on my FIRST!