Saturday, December 3, 2011

Aztec and Cheetah Prints

So this is a post that I intended to do before I went to work. But this is something I wore casual, comfy, and printed. I love the way the patterns go but not exactly which I LOVE!.

As you guys can tell by now I am OBSESSED WITH PRINTS!!

They just add an excitement to an outfit that jewelry and purses just won't do (SOMETIMES)!

Forever 21:Pant/ JCREW:Shirt/ALDO:Necklace/Other:Thrifted

I have been looking for some fashion events to attend in the Chicagoland area keep me posted

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Vivienne Sorta Day

If I could describe one designer that I love and most definitely suit my style and LOOVEEE of prints and everything in between it would be Vivienne Westwood, SHE IS MY ALL! I can't say it enough I am absolutely in love with patterns and prints, shapes, positions, anything that screams WEIRD I LOVE!

                                                I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE! (lol)

Her Fall 2011 collection, are right up my alley. I am especially digging the colors, which I must say will look perfect with my skin tone. Since I love accessorizing with gold (as in my other post) I would consider this a omen. Thanks Ms. Westwood for bringing punk mainstream and transforming it into sophisticated punk!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Animal Thanksgiving

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! If you're like me I am sooo ready to eat and have been smelling the aroma of food cooking since 6 this morning!......

I digress... but I also in the mean time of me nearly close to eating my arm off (Sarcasm), I took some pics before I head out to visit friends and family!

Dots:Shirt/F21+:Skirt and Belt/Thirfted:Jewelry/Spring:Shoes/Torrid: Faux Fur Collar

I am so thankful for my blessing my family and friends and although this has been a rocky year.. I am thankful for the blessings that will come my way! I hope from this day and in the future I have the courage to bring upon a wonderful future for myself and my family. God Bless

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving! -XOXO Monica

Monday, November 21, 2011


I want to say that the Versace by H&M collection has inspired me to create this look. The lines were crazy! I could not get a thing but here's to a collection that is sure to go down in retail history.

The colors and patterns in this shirt definitely reminds me of the collection and Versace during the late 90's.

Shoes: Charlotte Russe/Shirt:Marshalls/Legging:F21+/Jewelry:Umm No Idea

We...Talk That Talk

Rihanna new album TALK THAT TALK finally dropped and in anticpation I am making a photo collage of pics of 1 of my favorite artist.

Nothing is better than listening to a strong women with so much confidence and swagg, I get into character all the time listening to her songs. Empowering!

Her style is works of of Fashion Icon and this lady can pull of any style and make it a part of fashion news along with a true fan following that's ridiculously in the millions.

She is defintely saying something in this album.

Check it out.

AMA Sexy Madness!

Katy Perry in Vivenne Westwood

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Amy Heidemann of Karmin

These ladies for me are the BEST DRESSED at the VMA'S.

My favorite was Amy, Karmin has rose to stardom so fast and to me her style against the industry is interesting and has a quirky twist fans including me LOVE.

She for me had the right idea, a little too much red but for her first time out she rocked it!
 Can't wait to see more of her!

Have you checked Karmin??

Amazingly crazy

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sneaks and Ice Heels

Have you guys noticed the new shoe trends that are everywhere. I mean this shoes are really hot and so different than the norm. Here are a few pics. Both shoes are 5-inches or more and look amazing. I would seriously rock these sneaks and not give a DAMN lol. They look so comfortable...Maybe I should start saving for a pair.

                                                            Isabel Marrant Sneakers

These shoes make a statement! They are fabulously casual but chic.

Dsquared2 Skate Moss

                                                                     One Word. SEXY!
                These shoes are amazing I love how unique they are...they have a ton of different styles but this one stuck out for me. The are more than I can afford but NOTHING is wrong with dreaming. They dont look as if you could walk far in them but in fashion sometimes that doesn't matter!. I had a war over these shoes and how amazing they are

What do you think, would you wear either one?   

Check them out at

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Who said prints were DYING??

It was to nice outside not to wear a skirt,,granted it was 50 degrees but the gold ol' sunshine made it feel 10x's better. I love mixing prints and this was no exception. I got this tweed blazer from Torrid and the skirt from Target mixed random accessories.

What do you guys think of prints?

 It's midterm week, which I think are weeks and I'm dying!! Back to studying and projects they are my weekend pleasure (LIES)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coat Fever!! Yeah I said it

I actually can't wait until the FALL/WINTER..some may not like it BUT I do. There is something about being bundled up in coats, boots, and the like that makes me feel so GOOD!

Winter is the best excuse to layer, layer, and layer some more and for that I am ecstatic! I am pulling out scarves, coats, and boots but I cant help want to get some new things for the brutal weather us Chicagoans are usually battered with every winter. Blizzard of 2011 most horrible experience ever, so I've been looking.

I am really interested into so many looks that I've narrowed some possible purchases down to 4 coats that I'm Dying over. Like I've mentioned in my earlier post I love things out of the ordinary and these coats are no exception. Some are traditional with a flair but others are "BAD" in a good way.

I searched many websites and this is what I found.


I am thinking pairing some leatherette leggings, rich red scarf, and with leopard print wedges from the coat from asos, but I am loving the print coat.

Ugh!! decisions, decisions..

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Usually in fashion sticking to one type of style is not a good thing, hence fashion is always changing and never is the same, sure there is somethings that comes back from a era before, our recent trends being vintage and minimalist, which seem to re-invent themselves whenever the economy decideds to "re-invent" or fail (honestly) we become less reliant on new ideas and stagnant on reliable items HOWEVER!!!!!!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH


There is no fun being part of the ordinary (FOR ME) being out of the ordinary is my take on self expression, take Janelle Monae or we all know Lady Gaga; (I'm not that extreme) but these people help solidify the need for me to be expressive in my own way.. Yeah you get the stares and the occassional laughs but WHO GIVES A F**K,  like it or not we will all be judged but these people on make it unbelievablely hot!  Weirdness and all.

*Pics Courtesy of Amy Creyer of
* Refinary29

Check out both sites they are amazing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oceanic Waters...THEN...emerge beauty

Sara Burton again has created a collection Mr. McQueen himself would likely be proud of. There is such an attention to the detail, drape, and fit represented in every piece.

To me this is a modern day goddess of the sea which has every texture, tone, and color. BUT with a dark side..... LOVE! Always fun to have a good and bad side.

It's as if the collection begins smooth, very fresh and easy, pure then progresses into something rough, harsh and dark.

This is one of my Favorite collections by Burton I love the very McQueen feel but a touch that is strictly her own. She has bought a femininity to the collection that McQueen didn't, whom of course had a more structured and tailored silhouette.

I am anticipating more from her soon. Maybe she could do a capsule collection H&M or Target maybe hint.hint....Sarah Burton Pullleazzee!

Just a thought! :)

Pic courtesy of