Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sneaks and Ice Heels

Have you guys noticed the new shoe trends that are everywhere. I mean this shoes are really hot and so different than the norm. Here are a few pics. Both shoes are 5-inches or more and look amazing. I would seriously rock these sneaks and not give a DAMN lol. They look so comfortable...Maybe I should start saving for a pair.

                                                            Isabel Marrant Sneakers

These shoes make a statement! They are fabulously casual but chic.

Dsquared2 Skate Moss

                                                                     One Word. SEXY!
                These shoes are amazing I love how unique they are...they have a ton of different styles but this one stuck out for me. The are more than I can afford but NOTHING is wrong with dreaming. They dont look as if you could walk far in them but in fashion sometimes that doesn't matter!. I had a war over these shoes and how amazing they are

What do you think, would you wear either one?   

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