Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coat Fever!! Yeah I said it

I actually can't wait until the FALL/WINTER..some may not like it BUT I do. There is something about being bundled up in coats, boots, and the like that makes me feel so GOOD!

Winter is the best excuse to layer, layer, and layer some more and for that I am ecstatic! I am pulling out scarves, coats, and boots but I cant help want to get some new things for the brutal weather us Chicagoans are usually battered with every winter. Blizzard of 2011 most horrible experience ever, so I've been looking.

I am really interested into so many looks that I've narrowed some possible purchases down to 4 coats that I'm Dying over. Like I've mentioned in my earlier post I love things out of the ordinary and these coats are no exception. Some are traditional with a flair but others are "BAD" in a good way.

I searched many websites and this is what I found.


I am thinking pairing some leatherette leggings, rich red scarf, and with leopard print wedges from the coat from asos, but I am loving the print coat.

Ugh!! decisions, decisions..

Leave a comment loves and I'll chat with you guys later

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