Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Usually in fashion sticking to one type of style is not a good thing, hence fashion is always changing and never is the same, sure there is somethings that comes back from a era before, our recent trends being vintage and minimalist, which seem to re-invent themselves whenever the economy decideds to "re-invent" or fail (honestly) we become less reliant on new ideas and stagnant on reliable items HOWEVER!!!!!!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH


There is no fun being part of the ordinary (FOR ME) being out of the ordinary is my take on self expression, take Janelle Monae or we all know Lady Gaga; (I'm not that extreme) but these people help solidify the need for me to be expressive in my own way.. Yeah you get the stares and the occassional laughs but WHO GIVES A F**K,  like it or not we will all be judged but these people on make it unbelievablely hot!  Weirdness and all.

*Pics Courtesy of Amy Creyer of
* Refinary29

Check out both sites they are amazing.