Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oceanic Waters...THEN...emerge beauty

Sara Burton again has created a collection Mr. McQueen himself would likely be proud of. There is such an attention to the detail, drape, and fit represented in every piece.

To me this is a modern day goddess of the sea which has every texture, tone, and color. BUT with a dark side..... LOVE! Always fun to have a good and bad side.

It's as if the collection begins smooth, very fresh and easy, pure then progresses into something rough, harsh and dark.

This is one of my Favorite collections by Burton I love the very McQueen feel but a touch that is strictly her own. She has bought a femininity to the collection that McQueen didn't, whom of course had a more structured and tailored silhouette.

I am anticipating more from her soon. Maybe she could do a capsule collection H&M or Target maybe hint.hint....Sarah Burton Pullleazzee!

Just a thought! :)

Pic courtesy of style.com

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